Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions is the niche  based on which Kikbits was founded.
Since past years we have developed,
over 100+ feature enriched chrome extensions for our clients.

A chrome extension is an application that gets installed on your browser to top up browser’s native functionality.A good example is Grammerly, which helps you correct your grammer as you write an email. Kikbits founder Bilal Asif is a world renowned expert for chrome extension development.

100+ chrome extensions developed

We have had he honor of developing 100+ chrome extensions

Bilal Asif, our CEO founded  Kikbits to launch a very interesting chrome extension named ztagged back in 2015,This chrome extension provided annotation capabilities on facebook’s picture posts.This was our first ever entrepreneurial experience and we failed big time, but the failure did not stop us, with the skills we acquired developing this extension, we have now entertained more than a 100+ clients by developing their chrome extensions. Some of the popular chrome extensions we have worked upon includes:
 DropifiedAppCentlySalesSourceAliextractor & aclipp

Tech stack to be used by Kikbits development team

The Tech Stack

We have used multiple Javascript frameworks

Chrome extensions are applications that can be developed using vanilla javascript +  html + css. As new front-end frameworks emerged in the past decade, we have leveraged these technologies to develop chrome extensions much faster then we used to.

Our achievements

Featured among Top 5 best developer by Upwork

Our CEO Bilal Asif has been featured by Upwork as one of Top 5 best developers. An all 5 star rated completed project’s streak has been maintained by him in the past 5 years. He has been awarded a Top Rated Plus Badge and has kept this status for as long as we can remember. His accomplishments were noticed by the Chief Executive Officer of Upwork, Hayden Brown, who personally emailed him for being among the only 10%  developers who have been able to maintain this status for this long.

Some feedback from our clients


Amazing, A+ contractor. Brings a wealth of talent, intelligence, and experience to our team. Add a dash of “great attitude” and Bilal is an amazing asset.


Chase Bower


Thanks to Kikbits’s guidance, the final code was of exceptional quality and was implemented right away. The team understood the project in full detail. They were talented and communicative throughout the project.


Raphael Buchberger,

sales source

They have completed the project within 3 weeks. Kikbits has provided specifications that went as expected. The vendor had led a responsive communication process that ensures convenience for the client. Moreover, they have been transparent with their progress through out the project.

Kyle sales source



Played an Important part in helping to build and enhance our chrome extension over the past year the team is very experienced in this area, professional to work with and dedicated. I would very much recommend them.

Mark Coupon Follow

Mark Mezzeca

vanlo project done by kikbits

The collaboration successfully launched the platform. As a result, the end client utilized the platform immediately. Kikbits executed strong project management and effective communication to ensure the project’s success. The team’s teamwork and passion stood out in the workflow.

sawyer bateman collaboration with kikbits

Sawyer Bateman


Both projects were completed successfully. Their communication style complemented their efficient task management. Customers can expect top-notch, quality work with quick delivery.

kieran walking

Kieran Walkin

We have had the pleasure of working

with some fantastic organizations

sales source


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